Teoria do Jazz – Exercícios


“Teoria do Jazz – Exercícios” published by César Cardoso (2018)

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“Teoria do Jazz – Exercícios” published by César Cardoso (2018)


“Teoria do Jazz – Exercícios” is the embodiment of the book Jazz Theory in an exercise manual in Portuguese.
The main objective of this manual is to provide practical exercises on the topics covered in the book Theory of Jazz, with a direct relationship with the topics developed in each chapter, in order to facilitate its understanding.
From fundamental exercises for students to start their musical journey (staves, bars, keyboards, scales, triads and seven chords) to more specific exercises in the Jazz area, such as major, minor melodic and minor harmonic modes, Blues, voice leading, dominant and secondary overtones, modal interchange, tritone substitution, diminished scale and augmented scale, this manual covers the essentials of the practical component of the theory in Jazz.
This manual also includes solutions for the exercises posted.

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