Up 2 Nine

September 9, 2009
Desbundixie Traditional Jazz

“Up 2 Nine” is the latest album from this musical project, which features the participation of by 2 great national musicians, Maria João on voice and Filipe Melo on piano. This disc has 14 songs, which highlight Dixieland reference themes like “The Original Dixieland One-Step” and “Ory´s Creole Trombone”, or songs made famous by Louis Armstrong in the 1920s and 1930s, as is the case with the legendary “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home?” and “West End Blues” and later “What a Wonderful World” and “Hello Dolly!”, among many others, a of them even being a reference of soul music, as in the case of “Georgia on my Mind”, made famous by Ray Charles.
“Up 2 Nine” is an album that features 9 musicians, the 7 musicians of this band, plus 2 guests, recorded in the year the project completes 9 years of existence (training in the year 2000) on the 9th of September (9th month), therefore 9 is a number with great symbolism in this new work.


Manuel Sousa (trumpet)
Flávio Cardoso (clarinet)
César Cardoso (tenor saxophone)
Ricardo Carreira (trombone)
Pedro dos Santos (banjo)
Daniel Marques (tuba)
João Maneta (drums)

Special Guests:
Filipe Melo (piano)
Maria João (voice)

César Cardoso, todos os direitos reservados