October 27, 2014
Luísa Sobral

This album talks about episodes from my childhood, some experienced by me, others by friends or children at my school. All the songs have an associated image: recess, lunchtime, the school gate, the soccer field where we played “mata”, and several others that stayed in my memory”, explains Luisa regarding “Lu-Pu-I-Pi-Sa-Pa”.

The album’s title goes back to a language used in Luísa Sobral’s childhood and, certainly, by many of her fans: the language of the feet. The artist confesses: “I wanted to write songs…”


Luísa Sobral (voice)
Luís Figueiredo (piano)
João Hasselberg (bass)
Carlos Miguel Antunes (drums)
César Cardoso (tenor saxophone)
Gonçalo Marques (trumpet)
João Viana (trumpet)
Paulo Gaspar (clarinet)
Luís Cunha (trombone)
Gil Gonçalves (tuba)
Salvador Sobral (back vocals)

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