Kick’n Blow

January 1, 2007
Desbundixie Traditional Jazz

Desbundixie is a project that tries to revive the jazz style called Dixieland, seeking inspiration in the sounds born in New Orleans at the beginning of the century. XX to the present day.
It is also a journey through the history of Jazz and its genesis, being an important aspect for understanding this style.
Composed at its base of seven elements, this project presents written themes from the period, orchestrated by these musicians. In this way, a Dixieland-style approach is made, with a specific language of the band, marked by improvisation and the irreverence that characterizes it.
The taste for Dixieland motivated the appearance of this project that during all these years has remained alive and increasingly enriched by the support that it has from the general public. In this way, this project aims to disseminate and make this style known in particular, and to encourage a taste for Jazz in general. Understanding this style and knowing it is a starting point for joining this musical genre, sometimes seen in such a diffuse and elitist way.
In summary, a project that aims to provide the public with a cheerful, fun, and well-disposed concert, in order to place Jazz in the context where it was created, as being essentially popular music and open to all social classes.
Desbundixie is much more than a name, and a special way of living music. It is the brand image of this band, which above all wants to liven up and cheer up those who listen to us.


Manuel Sousa (trumpet)
Flávio Cardoso (clarinet)
César Cardoso (tenor saxophone)
Ricardo Carreira (trombone)
Pedro dos Santos (banjo)
Daniel Marques (tuba)
João Maneta (drums)

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