Cenas de Uma Vida no Bosque

September 15, 2021
Nuno Costa
Ar Líquido

Cenas de Uma Vida no Bosque, published by Ar Líquido, is the guitarist’s 6th album while leader and the motto for a suite composed of five movements, developed during the research for his doctoral thesis entitled A Guitarra Jazz em Portugal (1940-1990). Apart from the academic connection, the musician essentially seeks to continue to his previous works, this time with an album in which he appropriates jazz and combines writing to improvisation. There is a clear objective of involving improvisation in the composition itself and to develop the music as a whole. The different sections within each piece, written or improvised, lead each other. A syncretic musical approach and simultaneously particular, in which it becomes possible to identify various aesthetic universes such as those associated with jazz, European classical music, pop and even Portuguese popular music.


Nuno Costa – Guitar
Rita Maria – Voice
Luís Cunha – Trumpet
César Cardoso – Tenor Saxophone
Óscar Graça – Piano & Keyboards
André Rosinha – Double Bass
André Sousa Machado – Drums

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